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illustrated ebook Roger Hilton Artist letters from prison camp 1942 - 1944 

Mau Mau - the Opera


Heavy Waters. Smashwords Revised edition 2017. High politics and underground warfare from 1940, the fall of France to 1956, the Suez crisis. Historical reconstruction with fictional extension. Heavy Waters was born out of a desire to throw myself back into the dark time out of which people of my generation were born to the half-crazed survivors of armed conflict. It calls up the sea the liquid that surrounds us and the Bomb, the weapon that still threatens us. My mission? To sink thru layers of archive, literature of all sorts, memoirs, chronologies, boys action stories, flash comics, technical manuals and land as lightly on the page as possible. 120000 words.

Tap Once if Human  Smashwords Revised edition 2017 I wrote this ebook to explore that funny frontier in the mind where there's something you can't grasp - happens pretty quick for me in mathematics. I went with this into the realm of artificial intelligence and its application to crowds, to us people type things, to the huge spaces inside ourselves available for automating. 75000 words.


Success=True work in progress view to publication 2018 

Time is there so that everything doesn't happen all at once, so things have room to move out of each other's way. But it does happen all at once - or at least enough of it does doesn't it? 

Coincidence often beats time to the punch. You think it's a plot? Well maybe it is - but it's the only one we got. You take those islands out there in the water, the ones on every cheap atlas. They're American aren't they? Don't you think that? Puerto Rico, Hawaii and the troublesome one -  Cuba. And of course New York where a surprising number things happen at the same time. 

Then take a day, any day, take April 13 1950 go on, take it, there's no trick, its magic - watch as Florida sourced wrestler Dot Dotson comes out of a cabin above the ring at the El Palacio de los Deportes Cuba and steps down the wooden stairs for her match with Beverly Lehmer as Wallace Howell, his British-type tweed jacket flapping, climbs down from a Grumman Goose flown around the Catskills dropping dry ice to give New York the water it has had its tongue right out for months. And as comely Dot steps thru the ropes into the ring with the all around shirt-sleeved crowd, deep dark throated flicking handkerchiefs, at that moment in Hawaii in shipping firm Matson's executive Guest Lodge, a sweat stained Montgomery Clift look-alike wakes with a start to drifting thunderclouds seen thru the monkeywood slats of the custom blinds and gets intellectually fit to grapple with pineapple chunks and as Dot's manager, (who had hooked her by provoking her when she was an Orlando taxi driver to see how tough she was) turns his crooked promoters grin on her bobbing under the rope a Negro playwright in Puerto Rico looks down into the garden of his rented apartment rightly fearing surveillance by the FBI and wondering whether his sloppy at home costume would be reported as indecent. To start with.

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